Contingent Staff

Mariam had not heard of the Gospel of Jesus Christ until she was 11 years old at a summer camp. She discovered a perfect love found in Christ and a perfect substitute for her own failures and sins. Her curiosity to personally know Christ grew and she asked Jesus to come into her heart as she committed to living for Him during that week.

Throughout her four years of studying Child Psychology at the University of Minnesota, God used the discipleship of students and staff in Campus Outreach to increase her joy in studying the Bible. This sweet joy in reading God's Word has increased so much so that Mariam has become passionate about spreading the freeing and wonderful news of the Gospel to students. She is honored to have the opportunity to build God's kingdom, to share Christ's love, and to serve on the campus in the Twin Cities. Mariam is hoping to create a safe haven on the campus as well as a culture of prayer and Bible study to develop spiritual growth and action in the lives of students. Please keep her in your prayers as she goes out and labors on the campus as a vessel for the Lord to use in bringing college students to Himself.