I’ve been an intern for Campus Outreach off and on for about a year and a half. As one season of interning winds down, I find myself wishing I could stay and I end up asking for more internship opportunities. It’s joyful to know that the work done in the office is helping the gospel go forth. The cherry on top is that I get to work with the resource team, comprised of truly wonderful people.

One such person is Jess Schrock.

I asked Jess if she could answer some questions about working in the CO office. With the Summer Training Project only two weeks away, the staff are swamped. But Jess was happy to do it – see what I mean?! Wonderful people.

So here is what she told me:

Jess has been on resource staff for two years. I asked her how she decided to pursue resource staff: “I originally wanted to do campus staff, but through doing an internship with CO during the Summer Training Project I gained exposure to the resource team. After I saw what their roles and responsibilities in the office were, I sought counsel from others about how God has gifted me and whether or not resource staff would be a good fit. I decided to take a step forward and join the resource team. I also saw that the COM region was growing and there was a need for others to help resource the campus staff and ultimately advance the gospel.”

Naturally, I asked Jess what it’s like working in the office.

Her immediate response was, “It’s AWESOME! Best job ever,” and then she continued on, saying, “Because we function like a small company, I get to be involved in anything from design work to event planning to finances to project management. I'm not only able to develop personally and professionally, but I get to work alongside a team of believers with the same vision. Being a part of a team that wants to see the same outcome is incredibly rare. It's also rare to work for and alongside people who care about your work and personal health and are committed to investing in your professionally and personally.”

That basically sums up why I have kept asking for more internships, too.

Last but certainly not least, I asked if Jess has any personal or staff-related prayer requests.

“One of the many blessings of being on staff with Campus Outreach is raising support. It's a blessing because we get to see God raise up a support team (both financially and prayerfully). But support raising isn't a onetime deal. Therefore, all the resource staff and many campus staff are in seasons of re-raising some financial support this summer. So please pray for hearts who want to partner with us and the vision of Campus Outreach to "Build laborers on the campus for the lost world."