Last week 5 of the U of M staff were able to go to South Carolina with 18 students for spring break! We were really excited for the opportunity to spend so much time with students we had met this year. We were hoping to have lots of freshman and sophomore students come on the trip and especially some who don’t know Christ. The Lord definitely provided on this trip for us.  

There were a few unbelievers that came and had a blast on the trip! Many of the students that came we have been praying for a lot and have been really hoping they would get more relationally connected. Relationships were formed and it has been very exciting to witness. On the guys side, all of the younger students that came are considering coming to our Summer Training Project. This trip really helped them meet new people, have a lot of fun, and see the great benefit of Christian community. There are several girls as well that are considering coming down this summer and are asking when we all we hang out again.

Overall our staff thought the trip was a home run. We would be beyond excited if all the students that came on this trip would come with us to South Carolina for the summer. Please pray that God would continue to work in all the students on this trip. A few of them are starting to see their need for Jesus and we hoping and trusting that they will put their trust in Jesus.

Mike Polley
Campus Outreach Minneapolis
U of M Campus Director