Briana (left) and two friends at STP 2015

Briana (left) and two friends at STP 2015

One of our student leaders, Briana Williamson, shared this on her own blog about looking forward to her third summer at Summer Training Project:

If my summer was going according to my plan, I would be writing to tell you that I am interning as a business analyst with an IT consulting company here in Minneapolis this summer. While that would not have been a bad way to spend my time, God had a different idea about where I should be investing my summer, and I’m so thankful that is the case because He knows what I need far better than I do.

For the past two summers, I have lived in Myrtle Beach, SC, as a part of Campus Outreach’s (CO) Summer Training Project (STP), a nine-week program for college students designed to bring them closer to the Lord and one another. Because I’ve been involved in Campus Outreach since my freshman year, I was grateful for the ways I had learned and grown through this ministry, but my goal for summer 2016 was to land a corporate internship in Minnesota. When Joanna, my discipleship group leader, asked me to think about being a team leader for STP, I said I’d consider it, and through a lot of prayer and conversations, I realized my summer would best be used in Myrtle Beach, learning about the Lord more deeply and pointing others to Him. So, I’m excited to tell you that I will be going back to STP for a third summer as a team leader!

As a team leader, I will be co-leading a group of about 20 students. That means I will be leading a discipleship group of 3-4 girls who are room leaders (my position last summer), as well as planning events that happen each week, spending time with the first-year girls on my team, and helping my team leader partner write weekly talks. Additionally, after the CO staff leave at the end of June, the other team leaders and I will be responsible for making sure STP runs smoothly. I’m really excited for this opportunity because over this past year, God has been moving my heart towards the possibility of going on staff full-time with Campus Outreach after I graduate, and this summer is going to be a good indicator whether or not that is where He is calling me!

Briana Williamson
Junior at the University of Minnesota