Deep within the recesses of the CO Minneapolis Google Drive reside hundreds of articles, documents, and excerpts from books, all written by believers. 

They cover topics ranging from evangelism to stewardship to vision and purpose for your life. Until recently, hundreds of articles have remained in our Drive, slowly accumulating over the 13 years of COM’s existence. Some were pristine PDFs, taken from websites like Desiring God, Redeemer church (Tim Keller’s church), and the Gospel Coalition. Others were scanned sections of books written by famous, Bible-saturated preachers like Charles Spurgeon and Jonathan Edwards.

But guess what? Those articles have been fished out of the Drive. Where are they now, you ask?

They’re on our website. 

If you go to, you’ll find a new tab on the top right corner called “Resources.” Click on it, and you’ll find a grid of 20 categories. Click on the category of your choosing, and you’ll find several articles, reformatted and in PDF form, related to that category. They’re ready to be read, printed, shared, and enjoyed by anyone. 

As we launch this new feature on our website, we have initially included 3-4 articles in each category for a total of 70 resources. More resources will be uploaded to the site over time.

We hope this new feature serves to bless our staff team, our students, and anyone else who visits our website. These reformatted articles have also been shared with other Campus Outreach regions, so we pray this will benefit the CO community globally, as well. 

We encourage people to distribute or share any articles they find impactful. We want the gospel to go forth, and that includes helpful materials on specific areas of the Christian life, like how to walk through suffering and how to share your faith. We pray these resources will be used and spread.