Our Summer Training Project in Myrtle Beach is barely five weeks away, with about 100 students from colleges around Minneapolis headed to South Carolina for all of June and July. This trip requires a substantial amount of planning, both on the administrative side and in preparing our students spiritually for the two-month trip. This preparation includes our Summer Leaders Retreat this weekend, hosting about 50 students plus our CCP and TCP leaders at a camp in Zumbro Falls. We (the staff) always love this time because it’s a weekend spent with our leaders. These are the students who have been around the ministry a few years, have been through a training or cross-cultural project, and really have become partners in sharing the gospel on our campuses.

Through this weekend’s retreat, and much more through this summer’s three training opportunities, we want to see students better equipped to share their faith with others on campus. We’ll look at leading discipleship groups, relational and beach evangelism, and bible study. But even more than ministry on campus, we want to see students own this vision for the rest of their lives. It’s not enough to ‘rent’ our ministry’s vision of building laborers for the 3-5 years while they are in school involved in the ministry. We’re looking for life-long leaders in faith, evangelism, and discipleship. And that requires the Lord to work through much grace.

Will you join me in praying for this weekend and the students who share the vision of giving our lives to making Jesus known on the campus and in the world?

Josh Haubrich
Campus Outreach Minneapolis
Financial Manager, Resource Team