KatieJo Deslie,  Campus Outreach Graduate

KatieJo Deslie, Campus Outreach Graduate

Campus Outreach is the avenue God used to bring me to him. I would not be where I am now with out CO. A staff person and an older girl shared the Gospel with me and God changed my heart using there words. I also attended CO Summer Training Project all 4 years. I gained confidence in my faith and grew in my faith with other believers. Without the support of people in CO, I would not have had the courage to step out in faith and follow a calling to another country.

I am now living and teaching in South Korea. I am not a missionary, but a recent graduate that took a leap of faith to live in another country and be a light for the kids I teach and in the lives of other people I see and interact with everyday. Korea is filled with cults and false teachers. The culture is very centered on appearances and the people have to study a lot to get anywhere in life. Christianity is on the decline and churches are attacking each other. I have shared the gospel with some students, 5 cult members, some people on the subway and some people I met through an evangelism group from our church. I am a dreamer and I love thinking big, so I feel like I could always be doing more with my life. Although, I have come to realize that just being willing to move here and being open to sharing the gospel, God is using me. God uses small things to grow his kingdom.

My hope is to be a light in a place that is very dark. As a recent graduate that was involved with CO, I am so thankful for supporters of the ministry and how it was an integral part of my life. God is using Campus Outreach for good and sending laborers to the lost world.

KatieJo Deslie