It's been a very busy last few days, but we have launched the new "Campus Outreach Contributions Portal"! You've probably received a few emails in the last 30 minutes, please take some time to read each of them. We've tried to keep you in the know as much as possible.

Your Resource Team has been working overtime the past few days working extra hours to help get this new site and portal launched. A few thank you's are in order!

Thank you to Josh - for looking over all of our documentation and helping train/equip staff and for designing our new tracking documents

Thank you to Bethany - for helping proof all of our documents and filling in the method's of giving on our tracking documents

Thank you to Jess - for staying up late the past few nights, and for all of your documentation and design work. The proofed and edited the emails we sent you this evening around 30 times to ensure they were clear and concise. Have you seen your new yet? Have you seen the staff pages? Awesome right!

Thank you to Peter - for your first day in the office, designing the step by step walk through of how to give online!

Thank you to Katie - for encouraging me in this busy migration season!

Tonight we fully launched version 1.0 of the new Campus Outreach Contribution portal ( . 

and ...

We are already working on version 2.0 , and have invested time and resources with a custom web developer to make the "My Campus Outreach Portal" even better.

Version 2.0 will not be ready until August. We were hoping to jump 1.0 and launch right to 2.0 but are unable to because of some technical glitches. This is why we have been delaying the release of Version 2.0. That being said, version 1.0 is still an upgrade over the old giving system. We are desiring all current donors to migrate as soon as possible to the new system to help save our ministry valuable resources.  As soon as a donor migrates, their old giving schedules will automatically be de-activated. We are currently running two systems and paying two fees for both of them. We are planning on turning our our old system off as of August 10th.

As you have questions the Resource Team is here to help serve you and resource you!

Thanks for being patient with us as we migrate to a new system.

We are truly grateful for all of you. Your Prayer and Financial support make our ministry possible as we seek to glorify God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world.

Grace and peace,

- Nick Stromwall, Resource Director