Boise State Campus Staff

I graduated from the University of Northwestern-St. Paul in the spring of 2018. When I stepped foot on campus as a freshman in the fall of 2014, I was not a Christian. But by the grace of God, I believed in the Gospel for the first time during my sophomore year in 2015 at a New Year's Conference put on by Campus Outreach. After that, I became more involved with the ministry of Campus Outreach.

During my junior and senior years of college (2016-2018) I was discipled by a full-time staff of Campus Outreach, and the Lord used that relationship to change the desires of my heart, the direction of my life, and the vision for the future. Because of this, I learned how to walk with God through the friendship and mentorship of other Christians in the ministry, and I became far more excited about sharing my faith with the fellow students and peers around me.

During my senior year (2017-2018) it became very clear to me that the Lord was leading me to come on staff with Campus Outreach. I have a passion and a vision to share the Gospel with college students, and to see lives change. There is no greater joy than seeing a lost person come to life in Jesus, and I get excited to be a part of that on the college campus, because that’s where my life changed. I am so thankful that the Lord graciously saved me, and my prayer is that the Lord would carry out Acts 20:24 in my life!