I grew up surrounded by the cornfields of Iowa on the campus of an international boarding school where my parents worked. When I was twelve, my family moved up to Minnesota where I've happily lived ever since. I was homeschooled for all twelve years, so it was with much trepidation that I went off to college at the University of St. Thomas. I ended up loving it, in large part thanks to the community I found in Campus Outreach. In college, I discovered my love for craft coffee, GK Chesterton, exploring the Twin Cities, and meeting new people. I graduated in May, 2016, with a degree in Biology and a passion to use my life to make a difference.

I spent most of my life before college worrying that I wasn’t good enough for God to ever be happy with me. It wasn’t until I began hearing the gospel from staff of Campus Outreach that I started to understand that God is happy with me because of Jesus’ work, not my own. This truth has freed me from the guilt, shame, and fear that characterized my life for so long. I’ve watched the gospel message, proclaimed so faithfully by Campus Outreach staff, change, not only my life, but so many others around me. I believe that Campus Outreach is strategically poised to reach college students with the message of the gospel in deep ways that God uses to convict and save and I want to continue to be part of what He’s doing through this ministry.