Saturday, May 5th 

This is the first ever COM Alumni, Career Network Summit. The goal of this time would be for me to be able to share with you all my vision for creating Alumni Career Networks that you could participate in and help develop.  In short summary, the goal of these groups is to help students transition to the workforce, help CO Alumni have Christian Community in there specific field, and help coordinate our efforts to seek the welfare of the Twin Cities and reach our co-workers with the Gospel. 

           What are Career Networks and Why are we Creating Them?


COST:  FREE! (Coffee, refreshments, snacks and light appetizers)

LOCATION: BBC Downtown Basement (rm. 53)

     720 13th Ave S.  Minneapolis MN 55415

TIME: 10:00am-12:00pm



Saturday, May 5th

10:00a – Arrive, grab coffee and donuts

10:15a – Session 1: How should we view the city?

10:45a – Quick Break, grab snack

11:00a – Session 2: Vision for the City & Career Networks

11:40a – Q and A

12:00p – Event Ends, you are free to hang out or go out to lunch with each other!