Every year Campus Outreach sends a small team of students to another country to share the Gospel with college students. We call it our Cross Cultural Project (CCP). This summer, we’ll be taking nine students to Sheffield, England for eight weeks, and we’re thrilled about it. Here are a few reasons why:

1. We love our team!

Most of our team is from CO Minneapolis, but this year, we’re excited that we’ll be adding two girls from CO St. Louis. Our team is fun, warm, easy-going, and they are passionate about the world knowing Jesus. Here’s this year’s group:

  • Larry and Lynn Martini (Leaders, University of St. Thomas staff)
  • Lauren Dunlap (Washington University, St. Louis region)
  • Rob Eller (University of Minnesota)
  • Hannah Henley (University of Northwestern)
  • Matthew Hunt (University of Minnesota)
  • Kayleigh Marks (Southern Illinois University, St. Louis region)
  • Torrin Nelson (University of Minnesota)
  • Josh Netterlund (University of Northwestern)
  • Mckenzie Smith (University of Minnesota)
  • Harmon Squires (Bethel University)

2. The need in England is great.

Christianity has been on the decline in England, similar to much of Europe. Many would consider England a post-Christian country. While England is economically well-off compared to most of the world, spiritually, it is very needy. Fortunately, we believe that no person--and no country--is too far gone to be transformed by the mercy and grace of Jesus.

3. We will be learning from an outstanding local church.

This summer, we will be partnering with The Crowded House, a hospitable and theologically-grounded church in Sheffield. We are excited to learn from them and to see how our British brothers and sisters live out their faith in their culture.

4. Lord-willing, we will be replaced by other laborers after we leave.

This year’s CCP is particularly exciting because we are planning to launch a permanent CO region in Sheffield later this year. It is our hope that we will meet and share the gospel with students this summer and then connect them with our full-time Sheffield staff. Some of the full-time staff may be arriving when we are there, and others are planning to come after we leave.

Check back for more updates about how God is working in and through our team!

-Lynn Martini