It’s crazy to think that 11 days from now the CCP team will be boarding a plane headed for Sheffield, England. Eleven days to finish finals, raise remaining support, buy power converters, pack our bags, and tie up loose ends. The time to leave has kind of snuck up on us, but I think the team is ready!  But, before I even write another word, I think it is important that you see who exactly is on the CCP team this summer.  And because I think faces are beautiful and important and putting names to faces is important, here is a lovely picture of our team. I have really loved getting to know these people better over the past 5 months. We have had multiple retreats focusing on support raising, team building, and British culture. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun these retreats were with the team. It made me so excited to spend 2 months leaning on them, learning with them, and laughing (a lot) with them. 


Bottom Row (Left to Right):
Lauren Dunlap, Junior at Washington University 
Kayleigh Marks, Senior at University of St. Louis 
Hannah Henley, Junior at University of Northwestern
Mckenzie Smith, Sophomore at University of Minnesota   
Torrin Nelson, Junior at University of Minnesota (the person writing) 

Top Row (Left to Right): 
Rob Eller, Junior at University of Minnesota
Josh Netterlund, Junior at University of Northwestern
Harmon Squires, Junior at Bethel University
Larry Martini, CO Staff at St. Thomas
Lynn Martini, CO Staff at St. Thomas


After months of planning, support meetings, retreats, and praying we are about to see it all come to life. When people ask me how I feel about going to England, the answer is usually ‘I just want to be there’, we have been talking, planning, and thinking about it for so long that it’s almost like I have forgotten that WE ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO ENGLAND! A real place, with real people that we will soon be meeting, loving, and sharing the hope that we have found in Jesus. Two real universities with 60,000 students. And a real church, with a body of believers that we will be fostered into for the summer. Our ideas and dreams of what England will be like is about to become very real, and I couldn’t be more excited and maybe a little bit nervous.  By the way, the ‘I’ referred to is me, Torrin Nelson. I will be updating this blog frequently over the summer, just to give a little taste of what our team is experiencing. I’m sure at points it will be hard to express exactly what is going on in Sheffield over the summer, but I will do my best. I hope that you will check back here often to find updates, stories, photos, prayer requests, and learn a little bit more of the English culture.


Larry (our fearless leader, along with his wife Lynn) just emailed out our itinerary for traveling to Sheffield, and our plane leaves at 11am on May 26th! Another wave of, ‘Oh wow, this is actually happening’ hit when that email came in. Before we go, our team has a bit of support left to raise. Right now our team has raised about 81% of the support we need, which is awesome considering that our goal is $49,000! It has been absolutely amazing to see the ways that God has provided so many generous people to partner with us! It is a good reminder that God provides even our physical needs (Luke 12:24, Matt. 6:31-32), probably an area that I struggle the most to trust God with. God’s providence in support raising has really encouraged us all to see more of his power and fulfillment of his promises like the verses above. Both things that we will especially need to rely on while in England, and will probably be a big theme throughout these blog posts.