We made it to Sheffield. Our team is experiencing a rush of emotions as we adjust to this new culture, but cannot avoid missing friends and family back home. I will be missing my friend Harmon, a 2016 Bethel University graduate and a member of last year's Cross Cultural Project team. I was able to ask Harmon a few CCP questions with the aim of helping our team understand the larger impact God’s mission can have on an individual and the world:


How were your expectations and feelings alleviated, challenged and/or changed during and after your CCP experience?

“In England I was able to see more of my weakness and God’s strength through it. God showed me that it (this season of life) was not all about me, but it was all about Him. I realized I would not be able to change someone’s heart, as that is something only God can do. My fears of having a perfect conversation to have someone understand the Gospel were alleviated when I put my faith in Jesus instead of myself.”

How do you now view short-term missions in light of doing CCP?

“Personally, I do not view CCP as a short-term mission, but a mid-term mission. The impact that we are able to have on students is much greater than what is had on week-long trips because of more opportunities for life-on-life discipleship and evangelism. Furthermore, I think that having long-term staff in Sheffield is helpful because even though our CCP team left, we were able to get students connected with the local church and staff from CO that would be there for a longer time. I know that I was impacted from this missions trip and I believe the relationships made with local church members and students were beneficial as well.”

How do you think your CCP experience will translate into this summer, being an STP ‘16 Team Leader and CO contingent staff?

“My CCP experience has already translated into being an STP Team Leader and CO contingent staff, as CCP helped to show me more of what a day in the life of a staff member looks like. Having more experiences in sharing the Gospel with those that do not understand it has allowed me to see that is something I want to do for the rest of my life. From my experiences I will also be able to remember that salvation, or a relationship with Jesus, is not based upon me or anything that I do, but God. Therefore I will be able to trust more in God while being a Team Leader and on Staff in the future.”

Our team is thankful for Harmon's words, as they provide insight into the long-term impact one mid-term missions project can have. Please pray that as our team settles into Sheffield we would learn from the people we meet at The Crowded House church and the ministry trainings we will receive from the CO Sheffield team. Pray that the God who created different cultures would use these things to draw us closer to Him.