Holy Week

This week, an old family friend wrote me this note: "After the resurrection people began to meet the risen Christ. Millions have done so over the last 2000 years. Today is a good day to introduce someone to him."

This week we celebrated Holy Week; the week that contains the most important events of human history. And my friend is right, for 2,000 years, hundreds, then thousands, then millions of Christians all over the world have gathered to remember and worship the one who died and rose again on their behalf. This celebration of the events of Holy Week will continue until Christ returns and then on into eternity where we will forever worship the Lamb who was slain.

On a much smaller scale, at little University of St. Thomas, I got to walk through the events of Holy Week with a handful of freshman girls. We read through the accounts of Christ's death and resurrection in the four gospels. We discussed what Christ's death meant for them personally. We looked at the spread of Christianity since Christ's time. We talked about how the events of Holy Week fulfill prophesies spoken in the Old Testament. We talked about what it meant that Jesus was a Lamb. One of the girls said "it's crazy to think that this happened two thousand years ago and people still believe it...and it's still spreading."

Obviously there is a huge difference between the global spread of Christianity and the few freshman girls I am sharing the gospel with at St. Thomas. But as I discussed and read and talked through questions with these girls I found myself thinking about how the spreading news of a resurrected Christ started with just a few women who found an empty tomb. Person by person, heart by heart believed and to this day we still celebrate our risen King. So as I ministered to St. Thomas girls this Holy Week, I found myself praying that God would do big things through these few women. He has done it in the past and he can do it today. I agree with my friend, today is a good day to introduce someone to Him. Who knows what He could do.