Summer Leaders Retreat

This past weekend we took 80 people to Camp Shamineau in Minnesota for our summer leaders retreat. The weekend was packed full of talks and workshops to help prepare our student leaders for their different roles for the summer. We heard talks from staff guys on the heart of a leader, the head of a leader, and the hands of a leader. Reid Jilek shared with us about the importance of our leaders really owning everything at the training project. As a leader of the project, we are called to think that we are hosts of the project, not just guests.
We had our team leader guys facilitate some workshops on how to lead a dgroup, have a one on one, share the bridge diagram, study the Bible, and get to the heart of the issue. The students all seemed to enjoy the weekend and are more equipped for their roles. Throughout the weekend we reminded them that our hope is not in how equipped we are as leaders, but our hope is in the Lord to change the hearts of all the students on our projects this summer.