How do I print my Contribution Statement?

Click the link below for the statement page (you may have to log in)
Then click the Save As PDF button to download a copy you can print

My Contribution Statements

How do I Donate through Stock?

From a Brokerage Account
Transfer to: Stifel Nicolaus
DTC # 0793
Account # 8189-4881

Stifel Nicolaus does not inform COM who gave stock for privacy reasons. 
You should inform COM of the donation and if you plan to give future donations.

Receipting for Stock Gifts
You will receive an acknowledgement of the donation from the BBC Financial Secretary.

Further Questions?
Contact Nick Stromwall, COM Resource Director

How do i reset or change my password?

To reset your password, go to, then click Give Now to a Staff Member
Click Forgot Password and enter your information. Use any of the methods to receive a code

How do I change MY giving?

Go to, then click Give Now to a Staff Member
Log in to your account and use the top menu to find My Recurring Gift Subscriptions under the Giving drop-down
To change, you should cancel your current schedule and click Giving on the top menu to set up a new schedule

Do you give refunds for gifts to staff?

Because gifts are given to ministry of Campus Outreach Minneapolis, no refunds can be given. If an extenuating family circumstance comes up please contact us for help.

Do you give refunds for gifts to Summer Projects?

Due to IRS regulations all support raised by each STP (or TCP and CCP) participant goes toward the cost of the Summer Project, not an individual participant. Therefore money donated cannot be returned if a particular individual were not able to attend. Any gifts received in excess of each project’s budget will be used to further Campus Outreach Minneapolis Ministries. All contributions to Campus Outreach Minneapolis are income tax deductible and are under the direction of Bethlehem Baptist Church. The donor has not received any tangible goods or services for this contribution. Campus Outreach Minneapolis endeavors to use gifts where suggested. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Campus Outreach Minneapolis has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

Other questions

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.