Northwestern Campus Staff

Although Alexis didn't grow up as a Christian, by the time he got to college he thought he was well established in his faith. He thought he knew a lot about God and how he works and what He wanted for his life. Through the investment of older guys Alexis was able to see the self-righteousness in his heart. Since college at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul he found that it wasn't him that chose God but God that so graciously chose him. No more could Alexis be self-righteous about knowing everything about God because it was God Himself that decided to reveal the mystery of Himself to him. Alexis had nothing to boast about.

Through older guys Alexis was able to see the care and compassion of Jesus Christ. People actually wanted to get to know him and cared for him and his spiritual growth. Alexis wants to follow 2 Tim. 2:2 and be able to entrust the good news to other faithful laborers.