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Help us achieve the following goals through your financial giving:

New Campus Expansion

CO Minneapolis is currently ministering on 4 campuses and we’re asking God to provide staff, vision, and funding to pioneer works in 2012. Since Minneapolis is the second largest college town in the country, there are many opportunities for new expansion.

Missionary Mobilization

One way we want to measure our influence is by how many missionaries we mobilize to foreign lands! Pray for us as we continue holding college mission conferences, Perspectives classes, and setting up our DIG program (Domestic Immersion Groups) that prepare students to go overseas through mission agencies! We had 25 students respond to a call to GO as cross-cultural missionaries!

International Expansion

We have our eyes set on seeing Campus Outreach Minneapolis expand to an international context in the next 4 years. We want to send staff, students, and Christians to saturate a needy area of the world with believers. We want to begin our investigation trips in 2012 to solidify a location!

Staff Mobilization

We are asking God to expand our ministry into more cities, campuses, and college students’ lives in 2012. CO nationally set a goal of having 20 new franchises in 20 different cities in 10 years. But we need to mobilize more staff and prepare them to raise their support and prayer teams more effectively and efficiently. Andrew is heading up an effort to nationalize our New Staff Orientation in 2012 to a national magnitude never before attempted!

Contributions Notice:
“All contributions to Campus Outreach Minneapolis are income tax deductible and are under the direction of Bethlehem Baptist Church. The donor has not received any tangible goods or services for this contribution. Campus Outreach Minneapolis endeavors to use gifts where suggested. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Campus Outreach Minneapolis has complete discretion and control over the use of donated funds.”