Contingent Staff

It wasn’t until late into my teenage years I came to believe the gospel amid hopelessness and sin. Although, I had heard of the existence of God years prior it wasn’t till later in my life that I was awakened to the eternal power of Christ’s death and resurrection. Throughout college, my faith was challenged as I grew to desire living a life loving Jesus. During my time in college, Campus Outreach gave me a picture of what it looked like to live missionally, giving my life away for the sake of students knowing Christ, His word, and being within a community of believers.

The Lord says that as we delight in Him, He will give us the desires of our hearts (Ps. 37:4). When I came to know Christ, my passion to proclaim the Gospel and see God transform the lives of others became the most exciting field I could give me life to. I now want to contribute to the work the Lord is doing through discipleship on the college campus. I sensed a calling to join the work Campus Outreach is doing when I saw the commitment to making much of Christ, living obediently and Biblically, and inviting others into doing the same.