I grew up in the church, but spent most of my life believing that I was a generally good person and that I could earn God’s favor. It wasn’t until later in high school that I truly understood the weight of my sin, how it separated me from God, and my need for Jesus to save me. The Lord worked in my heart to trust in Jesus' sacrifice, not my own attempts at goodness.

Though I became a believer before I was in college, being part of Campus Outreach at Bethel was what solidified and deepened my relationship with the Lord. Freshman year of college was a major season of transition and reevaluating my beliefs and identity. It was people in Campus Outreach who pursued to know me deeply, grounded me in Scripture, and helped me grow in sharing my faith with others.

Through God’s grace and the blessing of CO in my life, I confidently know that I want to spend my life growing to treasure Jesus more and to help others do the same. There were people in college who specifically poured into my life and heart, and I'm excited for the Lord to use me to do the same for others on the college campus.