Larry and Lynn were married May 2013, and Isla joined the family in January 2016. As a family, they love ministering together at the University of St. Thomas! Larry and Lynn both graduated from the University of Minnesota. As students, God used the ministry of Campus Outreach to transform their lives and vision for the future. Not only did they learn about Jesus’ Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, but they also experienced it. They were discipled by godly men and women and learned to disciple and share the gospel with others.

When it came time to graduate in the spring of 2011, Larry couldn’t think of anything more exciting then seeing students put their trust in Jesus for the first time or grow in their walk with Him. So, he joined the Campus Outreach staff team. After finishing grad school and working as a speech language pathologist for a year, Lynn joined the staff team full time in 2014. Some of their favorite moments together in college were doing dorm ministry. With Lynn on the team, that became their life.

Larry and Lynn’s daily prayer is that they would be bold and the gospel would fall on soft hearts as they share the good news of Jesus at St. Thomas. Their long-term vision and prayer is that God would use the students they reach to bring the gospel to many others in our city, country, and ultimately the world.