Bethel Campus Staff

I became a believer at the young age of four years old and understood the simplicity of the Gospel being that Jesus + nothing = everything. I grew up in a Christian home and continued to recognize the depth of the Gospel as I grew up to know and love Jesus more. I started college at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, MN in the fall of 2014. I majored in Early Childhood Education and in an education class I met a friend who was involved in Campus Outreach. Following my sophomore year of college, I spent two months of the summer of 2016 at a Summer Training Project in South Carolina, where I got involved in this discipleship ministry. I attended Summer Training Project in South Carolina for three summers in a row and my heart for the Lord continued to grow. I was discipled by Beka Hemken during my senior year at Northwestern and was blessed with the opportunity to benefit from life-on-life discipleship. It was through the blessing of this ministry that my heart was really stirred for laboring on the college campus for the lost world.

I am ecstatic for the opportunity to intentionally help others know and love Jesus more through sharing the Gospel for the cause of glorifying Christ.