Paul and Samm Poteat

COM Director

Paul and Samantha Poteat both grew up in the Southeastern United States. They both attended Presbyterian College and there they got involved in the ministry of Campus Outreach. The compelling vision for Evangelism and Discipleship quickly captured their attention and so after graduation both of them came on staff with Campus Outreach. Samantha went on staff at Western Carolina University and Paul remained at Presbyterian College as a staff guy there. In 2003 they moved up to Minneapolis to be a part of the initial launch of Campus Outreach to Bethlehem Baptist Church. They worked together at the University of Minnesota for two years before getting married to one another. Their oldest daughter, Maddux, was born in 2008 and then Sophie came along in 2010.
Now Paul serves as the Regional Director for Campus Outreach Minneapolis, shepherding all the staff and overseeing the ministries on each campus. Samm partners with Paul in this and also shepherds the women on staff with CO. Paul is an elder at Bethlehem Baptist Church and both he and Samm are committed to seeing a vision for discipleship spread on the campus as well as in the church.