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Mobilization Director

Joanna and I have been married since May 2014. We met through Campus Outreach at the University of Minnesota and started dating soon after Joanna graduated. We got married a little over a year later. I attended Northwestern College, where I played football. During a practice I met a CO staff member and upon building a relationship with him, gained a heart for college ministry and a desire to give my life to reaching college students with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Joanna got involved with Campus Outreach during her junior year. It was in her senior year, through being discipled by a staff woman as well as attending the Summer Training Project, that she began to have a heart for college students.

Joanna and I are so thankful for the investment of these staff. I ministered at the University of Minnesota from 2010 to 2017, and Joanna joined me in ministry at the U of M when we got married. In the spring of 2017 I became the Mobilization Director for COM, which focuses on transitioning seniors and graduates on all five campuses out of college into greater involvement in the church, full time jobs, and ministering to coworkers and neighbors.