Contingent Staff

Entering into college, I questioned if my performance in academics, athletics, and relationships would ever be good enough to earn God’s favor. During my freshman year of college I met a Campus Outreach staff member who began to hang out and read the Bible with me consistently throughout the year. She asked me deeper questions about my identity and sin. I went to South Carolina for Summer Training Project in 2016 and there, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

My life radically changed because of the truth that God is satisfied in me only because of what Jesus has done. Following that summer, my relationship with God deepened as I spent time around other believers, joined a discipleship group led by a CO staff member, and ministered on my cross country/track and field team. I graduated from Bethel University with a Biology degree in the spring of 2019.

Campus Outreach greatly impacted my college years. The staff members are committed to winsomely proclaim the gospel and love the students entering the college campus while asking many questions about their identity and beliefs. I feel compelled and excited to join this vision and be a part of the ministry taking place on the campuses in the Twin Cities.