I grew up believing God was real, but never understood what it meant to have a relationship with Him. I came to college empty and tried to find satisfaction through parties, drinking, and relationships, but that lifestyle left me emptier. My sophomore year I became connected with a group of believers who demonstrated a real relationship with God, and I wanted that. I saw my need for a savior, surrendered to Jesus' sovereign rule in my life and found satisfaction in Him.

This winter God placed various college students in my path. I was reminded how influential this time in college is and the power of studying God's Word and Christian fellowship. I realized that I am in a place in life to pour out full-time into students, and I receive joy from that. One of my favorite things about Campus Outreach is that it's directly connected to a local church. I was connected to Calvary Community Church weeks after becoming a believer, and the church has helped my faith grow exponentially over the years. I also love the desire of CO to reach out to people who normally wouldn't be seeking out spiritual things. There are so many opportunities on college campuses for the gospel and to connect students to the body of Christ, the church.