Justine and Zach were both heavily impacted by Campus Outreach when they were in college.

Justine’s older sister Jen, who was involved with Campus Outreach during college, led Justine to Christ during her Senior year in High School. After Justine’s sophomore year in college, she transferred from Minnesota Moorhead to the University of Minnesota so that she could be involved with the ministry of Campus Outreach. She spent the next two years learning how to study the Bible, diagnose sin, and walk faithfully with her Creator through a discipleship relationship with a couple married women on staff. Justine graduated from the U of M in May of 2010.

Zach was a believer when he came to college, but he was very immature — he actually thought he was going to be the next Billy Graham. God humbled Zach his freshman year through several men involved with Campus Outreach that made him realize two things: 1) He was very irresponsible, and 2) he desperately needed a savior more than anyone around him. Zach spent the next 4 years being discipled by 2 older men in Campus Outreach. He graduated from Bethel University in December of 2011. Since then, God has continued to humble Zach by showing Zach how faithful He is to him.

Zach and Justine met on a missions trip to India, and Zach asked Justine on a date the day they got back. They married in January of 2012. God has laid a specific burden on their hearts for the college campus, and they began raising support to come on staff in June of 2015. They started in a full-time capacity at the University of Minnesota in September 2016.