God used Campus Outreach to reveal the freedom of the Gospel to Harmon and establish his personal relationship with Christ. After many years of attempting to earn the approval of God and others through his works, Harmon began to recognize the depth of his sin and imperfection before God. Through older students and staff pouring into his life, Harmon understood more clearly how his sin separated him from God and his need for a savior became evident. He saw his utter need for Jesus and accepted the love and mercy of Christ’s death on the cross. Trusting in Jesus’ righteousness and perfection brought him from death to life by grace through faith, not by his works.

Intentional discipleship from CO staff solidified Harmon’s relationship with the Lord through helping him understand more of God’s Word and reflecting God’s unconditional love to him, even in his sins and failures. In college, Harmon realized more of the need to evangelize and share the love of Christ with the world so that all people have the opportunity to accept the relationship Jesus offers. He became more confident in sharing his faith as he realized that all people are souls in need of Jesus to be saved.

God called Harmon to Campus Outreach to continue sharing the Good News of Jesus with the world. He is excited to help others grow in their personal relationships and equip them to share their faith. He hopes to see more of God’s faithfulness in his own life and share that with the students he meets.