Hello everyone and thank you for visiting our blog once again. Yesterday, as usual, students had the morning off while others had the privilege to work. Many of them took the advantage to rest and read. They also had the opportunity to spend some time meditating on the powerful talk Matt Reagan gave on Tuesday. We would encourage you to download it as well.

Later everyone got ready for evangelism training where Colby Williamson shared with us on “Why Share the Gospel.” Students were truly encouraged and challenged to realize that we do not share the Gospel as a kind of duty, or a certain type of debt that we owe to God. Rather, we evangelize in the light of valuing God. We share the Gospel because it is the most valuable message that a person can give and experience.

As for tonight, project is having social time where students are going to be able to experience a truly southern treat.

Colby and Lindsey Williamson