Discipleship groups are an integral part of project. The disciples (3 to a room) are discipled by their room leader. The room leaders (6 to a team) are discipled by their team leaders and the team leaders are discipled by the student leaders who are discipled by the staff. Accountability and fellowship is vital for a Christian and as Project still has over a month to go, people really start getting to know each other and sharing in struggles. In the discipleship groups everyone can update about their week, what they have learnt, sin they have seen or are struggling with and then go over the Philippians study and the talks for that week to try and process them more. Finally there is the chance to pray for one another and for somewhere in the world (this week, CO Thailand).

Disciples D-group

The D-groups were at night after a morning off for most people, the Evangelism Training (Obstacles to Evangelism: Unbelief) and beach evangelism. At 10.15pm there was the staff send-off (they are leaving Project to travel and use the summer time to raise support before coming back for the last week) where some students said a few words (open mike) and then gathered in campuses to pray for their own staff.