Most of staff left today (now the student and teams leaders are in charge of everything!) and after work and AiT all of the students had a BBQ from Jack’s and went bowling for the social! The themes for each team were: Funk, Punk, Hip hop, Country, Reggae. But here is one testimony of what happened upon interacting with the locals here. “One Sunday at Barnes and NobleI met a 21 year-old named Ashley who started talking to me and the conversation got to STP. I explained that it was a growth experience for believers in Jesus Christ.  She told me she was a Christian and when I asked her what that meant to her, she said that she tried to live a pretty good life and believed in God.  She further explained that her mother and brother are atheists - her father is a Muslim.  She said that she became a Christian through a friend.  I asked Ashley if she would be interested in coming to one of our STP meetings, possibly on Monday night, and she seemed very interested.  We exchanged numbers and I will be calling her closer to Monday.  Please pray that Ashley would come on Monday night and that the Lord would speak to her and that she would believe in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.”

Linda Sandager