Every Wednesday is a day off for almost all the disciples and there is leadership training and then at 1.30pm everyone drives to Garden City Baptist to hear a talk on Evangelism. Larry Martini (and his moustache) spoke about Why We Share the Gospel, some of the bad motives and the good ones (obedience of God, love of people but most importantly, out of love for God).

We broke up into pairs to talk about what our motives are to pray over them and then each different group headed off either to Surfside beach or to the beach opposite our hotel. Everyone goes in pairs or in threes, usually with a room leader, team leader or this week a member of the CCP and walk up to people on the beach to share our faith.

Jon and Reid

At about 3.45pm everyone gets back to Project and debriefs with their team – sharing stories, names and praying for the people that we talked to. Yesterday there was ice-cream for us all after debriefing and it was great!