The day started with rain in the morning as, at 9am, everyone went to Bible Study Training. After some cha cha-ing to wake us up, Jens Paulson spoke on the Bible; “How Does it Change the Way I Live?” We are to expect to apply God’s word in our lives, in grace motivated obedience. There was a series of questions to ask as we read and we are to walk away from our Bible study with a word, phrase or summary so we can remember and chew on it/marinade in it/simmer in it, etc. the rest of the day – change comes from the fruit of sanctification, through being saturated in God’s word. We then inductively studied Jens’ shoe to understand the inductive method more and then everyone headed off to work.Highlight of the day: Quite a number of people went to Chick-fil-A dressed as cows to get their free meal in celebration of Cow Appreciation Day (9th July).