Second last week of work, time is suddenly flying by way too fast. It was a very hot and humid day with a breeze (a sure sign of rain) and sure enough, it came as we were having our Project meal – Kyoto! That evening Forever Young and the Pit Crew joined together - they are organizing this week. After Jack told everyone that we were in trouble for littering we were not expecting a sudden climax as a group came out to do a dance for us! (It was all lies to make an anticlimax!) Then we saw a bit of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” in preparation for Thursday’s social. Steve Discher shared on “The Cost of Vulnerability” – we need to be vulnerable in community and we can be because of the gospel. We were encouraged to share “our dirt” with people, we are free to do so and should because sin is so deceitful and progressive (starts small, grows quickly).