9am found us dancing the Macarena before Bible Study Training to wake up (although quite a lot of people resorted to Dunkin Donut’s coffee) and we had a special performance from a certain room that arrived late because they had just woken up, they had to “walk it out”. Jens Paulson shared “What About Prayer?” and tied together how we are to read the Bible (hear God speaking to us), meditate on it (speak God’s truth back to your heart) and pray (speak back to God) with the acronyms IOUS (Incline, Open, Unite, Satisfy) and ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication). Everyone headed off for one of the last weekend shifts and by 11.30pm everyone was back and eating free chicken brought by the KFC girls and free cakes and bread from the Bi-Lo Deli.