There was soccer on Saturday as well as a full day of work for most people; it was the Wal-Mart’s worker's last Saturday! On Sunday Matt Messerly shared about “Family”, how we are to love our family but love Jesus so much more. We have a spiritual family in Christ (born again into it, and adopted by God) and that we can easily fall into idolizing our family or neglecting them. There was Campus Time and then everyone went to their churches (second last week of Church, so sad!). There was much appreciated free time in the afternoon (beach, group dates, meeting up with co-workers) and then at 8.20pm everyone headed off to the Brazilian Steakhouse RIOZ for a half price all you can eat meal with our co-workers. Not all of the co-workers invited came but there were a good number, keep praying that many would come to the evangelistic Job Social this coming Thursday and for the conversations that went on last night as well as them seeing us in community.