A morning to sleep in (for most at least; some people worked), go to the beach and relax. At beach evangelism Larry Martini (on a caffeine high) shared about “Evangelism and your college campus” with the hope that a sustained desire to give our lives away on the college campus will develop. We are called to a race (Hebrews 12:1-2) but God is to sustain us, it is about endurance. We can share our faith like a machine gunner (everywhere and to everyone, all over the place, not very accurate) and share it like a sniper (very accurate, working in one person’s life). We are to pray over August about where we can go in our college. Then, as machine gunners we hit the beach to share the gospel and got back and shared the stories. For the rest of the day, many Wal-mart workers went bowling to raise money with their co-workers, a couple of group dates went on and lots of people were organizing themselves for the presentations at the job social!