On Friday, at 12am (curfew) war began. The students were called together on Thursday (at 11.45pm) and told that curfew was at midnight but that they could hide around Project (within certain boundaries) and when they were hit with a water balloon throw by one of the student leaders they had to go to their rooms. By about 1am almost everyone was in their rooms – the last few people were hiding behind fridges, in water cisterns and Ken (who was on the roof last year) was in a mysterious hiding place – no one knows where. 9am found us at Bible Study Training and after some rapping from Sahr and Greg we dove into the topic “How do I study the Bible without Bible Study Training Each Week?” lead by Jens Paulson. Basically, we can do it by dependence (IOUS), discipline (have a plan) and community (getting someone else involved).

Here is the link to the Bible reading plan for Shirkers and Slackers http://www.ransomfellowship.org/publications/notes_biblereadingprogram.pdf

Everyone headed off to work and in the afternoon staff started to arrive back, it was great to see them again as well as the Curries!