After a busy week, this past Sunday turned out to be an ideal day for students to rest and relax. After a morning of worship, most disciples spent an enjoyable day relaxing with friends.

Yesterday morning, Stephen Discher gave a talk regarding technology.  He discussed both the benefits of technology and the trappings we often fall into.  He explained that technology in and of itself, is not bad.  In fact, Christ has created all things good. (1 Timothy 4:4)  However, our sinful hearts turn good things into idols.  Therefore, as believers in Christ. we want to be aware of technology as an idol so we can effectively use technology to spread the gospel of Christ.  We want to be faithful ministers of all that the Lord has blessed us with, including technology.

After Steve's talk, everyone split up for campus time. During campus time, students were able to form relationships with other students from their campuses.  After campus time, everyone went to their designated church in garden city.  Sunday morning proved to be an enjoyable time for students to worship Christ.

During the afternoon, everyone spent time relaxing.  Some people went to the beach, some played pool ball, and others went on group dates.  This time was a time for them to re-cooperate before, again, another busy week ahead.  At night, there was an optional worship time where they were able to worship and praise Christ though song. Praise the Lord that he created us to need and enjoy time of rest!