Yesterday, students enjoyed a day of rest.  After church on Sunday, the entire project spent a day of resting.  Yesterday, students chose to go to the pool, play sport games, nap, watch the World Cup Soccer game, and simply relax. In the morning before church, students split into groups with their campuses.  In the Northwestern group, Northwestern students talked about their plan for ministry in the fall.  Everyone shared where they are desiring to spend time next year in order to build relationships and tell others of the Gospel. We then spent time praying for the Lord to continue working in our hearts and give us strength to tell of His glory to other students.  We prayed that the Holy Spirit would be softening the hearts of students at Northwestern to hear and full-heartedly accept Truth.

After our campus times, everyone went to church.  There are three different churches that those from our project attend.  We attend Garden City Baptist, Garden City Chapel, and Pine Drive Gospel.  Students are divided into their teams and regularly attend one of the above churches.  We have continued to build relationships with people from the churches, and thoroughly enjoy being part of a congregation during the summer.