Yesterday evening, students enjoyed splitting up for men and women's time. Throughout the week, we had boxes for guys to ask questions regarding girls and vice versa.  The women team leaders answered questions the guys had about women.  Likewise, the men team leaders answered questions that the girls had. In the men's time, the team leaders addressed the fact that men are to be leaders and lead girls well in relationships. Therefore, they should protect the girl's heart. In addition, the women encouraged the men to grow in their understanding of Christ and seek male accountability. This is an essential lesson for their entire life.  We hope that they would seek Christ and community not just now, but for the rest of their lives.

In the women's tine, the men team leaders encouraged the girls to first find their satisfaction in Christ.  Relationships are a good thing that the Lord created, however in and of themselves, they do not fulfill.  Relationships are to point us to Christ and seek fulfillment and love in Him.  They encouraged girls to seek women accountability in their lives and seek satisfatction in Christ.

Both the men and women's time turned out to be highly beneficial and informative for the guys and girls.  Our aim is that they would both be satisfied in what has been done on the cross for their behalf.  From that, we hope they would be able to engage in healthy relationships with their brothers and sisters in Christ.