This past Friday, staff returned to Summer Training Project! They are here helping finish up the last week and creating vision for the students' next year on campus. Yesterday, Eric Lonergan and Andrew Knight gave some mini-talks. In the talks they touched on longevity for students. Eric said our primary need in life is knowing Christ.  He said that we should continue to be intentional with relationships, be authentic in communty, and seek the body of Christ.  Eric said that growth is not individual, rather, we should be relying on the body of Christ to see Christ more.

After the talks, campuses split up to spend time together and set vision for next year on campus.  Today, students have the day off and many are spending the day in Charleston. Tomorrow, everyone will continue with our return training. Pray for students to persevere during the next couple days. Pray that they would feel equipped from this summer to go home in August and return on campus in the fall.