Every year students are unsure about whether or not they should bring their cars to project. There are benefits to bringing your car to project. 1. Save $200!!! – If you bring your car to project, you don’t have to pay additional $200 transportation fee

2. Help serve the project – Every day you and your room will need rides to work, meetings, and/or church. By bringing your car you can help everyone on project get to where they need to be on time.

3. Freedom to go wherever you need while on project - If you bring your own car, then you will not have to wait on others or look for someone else's car to drive in order to run errands or grab a bite to eat or anything else you would need to do while at project. A few common objections:

But I don’t want my car to suffer all the wear and tear… It is true that a two-day trip can be taxing on a car, but every year we have dozens of cars that make this trip with our project and come back in good condition. We understand the potential risk, but we ask you to serve the project by bringing your own car.

I don’t want to have to pay for all the gas while we’re in South Carolina… We ask all students who did not bring their cars for the summer to help out for gas on a regular basis, so that the car owner is not stuck paying for gas by him or herself throughout the project. You can raise additional support to pay for gas while at project (so you can drive for free!)

I’m on my parents' insurance, so I don’t know if I should bring my car... Many students drive the whole way to project, or for short periods let other students drive their car.

I’m afraid of having to lend my car to other people while on project... It’s not a requirement to allow others to drive your car, however it does serve the project by letting your friends borrow your vehicle.

If you have any questions about bringing your car to project, please dont hesitate to contact our office. office@cominneapolis.org