Wednesday is the formal evangelism day at Project.  In the early afternoon, students attend a talk called “Evangelism Training” and then typically head to the beach near the hotel to start spiritual conversations with beach-goers.  The first evangelism training time took place today, but we were not able to go on the beach due to rain.  Instead, we went with the people from our rooms to a nearby mall to pray for the people walking by and for our coworkers.  That time was a great opportunity for the rooms to connect in prayer and think deeply about the reality of sin and grace.  

Evangelism training and beach evangelism are formal times to focus on evangelism and practice sharing the Gospel.  These training times are excellent for preparing participants for Gospel conversations that occur in other situations, such as in their workplaces.


Fun fact:

At South Project, the participants are divided according to room into three teams: the Awkward Encounters, the Rebellion, and the Squirtle Squad.  Team-time allows participants to get to know more people on Project, be encouraged, and have fun.