Last night, the South Project pool and pool deck was transformed into a stage for the third-annual STP Boat Social.  Team Rebellion opened up the night with a convincing performance of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, including floating across the pool in a steam-engine raft complete with billowing smoke.  The accents and characters were spot-on.  The second performance of the night was Team Awkward Encounters’ reenactment of the TV show “Whale Wars,” which documents encounters between Japanese whalers and Sea Shepherds conservationists in the Antarctic.  The performance opened with an inflatable killer whale, synchronized swimming, and the Japanese whale hunt, and continued with a Walmart commercial break and the encounter between the “hippie” conservationists and the whalers.  The final performance of the evening was the Squirtle Squad’s rendition of the TV show “Swamp People” (about hunting alligators in Louisiana) mixed with the “Bachelorette.”  This performance had a dramatic storyline which included the bachelorette being killed while wrestling an alligator and an ensuing battle between her proper Southern family and the swamp people.  

The night was an entertaining exposition of creativity, engineering and acting.  Thanks to everyone on Project for such a memorable Boat Social!  Oh, and 1st place of the night went to Team Awkward Encounters.