This past Wednesday, the weather was great and we were able to head to the beach in pairs to talk to people about Jesus.  There was a general nervousness present in the group as we headed out, but when we came back together at the end, the nervousness dissipated into praise for the conversations that happened, sadness for the lost world, and hope that God would save.  Each team met afterward to “debrief” – to share about the people we talked to and to pray for them.  

A challenge of evangelism here in the “Bible belt” is that many of the people we talk to on the beach identify with Christianity right off the bat and yet do not agree that Jesus is the only way to God or that we are saved by God’s grace rather than by our works.


Fun fact:

Wednesday nights are prime times for guys rooms to take girls rooms out on group dates.  Group dates are great opportunities to get to know brothers and sisters in Christ, bond as a room over planning the date (guys) or organizing a thank you (girls), and to have fun together.