This past weekend, some parents of Project participants came to visit!  It was neat to see parents milling around and to observe similarities between the families and their kids who are Project participants.  The parents were invited to a “Parents Social,” which was a breakfast where parents could meet some Campus Outreach staff, learn more details about life at Project, and watch a video about other parents’ opinions on the benefit of STP for their kids.  

Several of the parents sat in on the Life Training session this morning before church.  The talk was on pain and how God strategically uses afflictions to bring us and others to him.  The room was very quiet during the talk; the issue of pain is pervasive and difficult, so the talk was valuable in helping us see the good that can come out of present and future hard times.


Fun fact:

The South Project is right next to a mini amusement park, complete with bungee jumping, the giant “Screamin’ Swing,” and occasional loud music.