Monday night’s theme night was an extraordinary experience.  Boom Goes the Dynamite was in charge of the night, and they had excellent execution.  The “hype” was dancing to the hit song “Apache” and using John Bonnett as the lyrical parody of “jump on it”. Next they perfomed a game/skit which was loosly based on the Who’s line is it Anyway game “whose at the party?  This skit was instead who’s on project?  Four students played the roles of four movie characters interacting with each other, and a couple students were selected from the crowd to guess their characters.  The team chose to portray Gandalf the Grey, Dori from Finding Nemo, Buddy the Elf, and Repunsel from Tangled.

In addition to the team’s great performances, Eric Lonergan spoke a great message about God the sanctifier.  I was really impacted by how he talked about us not focusing on what we should do, but instead focus on what we will become.  Sanctification is a confusing process, and I think that the talk was very contrary to my thoughts: we do not earn sanctification.