Thursday night was the project social, and the event was a boat social.  What is a boat social?  A boat social is a performance-based competition between the teams on project.  Each team is to design a boat from materials given (a sheet of plywood, 2 20 gallon bins, and cardboard), and then perform an 8-minute skit in which the boat has to make it from one side of the pool to the other without sinking and with passengers. The first team to perform was The Outsiders.  Their skit was a rendition of the Titanic; it involved an interesting combination of men playing the women roles and women playing the men roles, a basketball game, and a ship that never sank.  It was wonderfully narrated by Andrew McNamera; overall was quite entertaining.

The next team up was Boom Goes the Dynamite.  This team had a skit of Peter Pan.  Their performance was very well done.  They covered all the character groups: the lost boys, the mermaids, Tiger Lilly, the Pirates (Tim Anderson actually grew a handlebar mustache in preparation for his role as Captain Hook), and Tinker Bell.  Tinker Bell was dramatically brought back to life by the chanting of “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do”, and some pyrotechnics surprised the judges with unexpected excitement.

Then came in the SWAG City team (Servant Workers At Garden City).  They based their performance on a family vacation on a cruise line.  It was a really great combination of singing, dancing, and down right fun moments.  Wes Mouri lead the crew in a song about SWAG City, and Mike            Owczarek saved a drowning victim (a reenactment of an actual occurrence this summer).

The last team to perform was We Are Who We Are.  This team did an excellent performance based on The Most Dangerous Catch.  The crabbing crew ran into numerous complications from shark attacks, to monsters of the ocean, to weather, all as their boat slowly sunk during their performance.  They were the only team to fail to make it across the pool and back.

The Winning Boat

The male project staff members were the judges for the comopetition, and they voted the teams in these places: Titanic was fourth, The Deadliest Catch was third, the family vacation was second, and Peter Pan was first.